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“Damn It, It’s MY Body That’s At Stake”: Autonomy, Sociality and Imperfect Choices

Should we put self-interest first, or the interest of the group?  This article contemplates the question…

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The River of Contemplation (Nature and Soul, the Sacred Unity)

Sitting by a river contemplating the mystery of being.  If you don’t have a river handy, you can read about it  here…

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Finding Purpose – SN Today #28

Daniel Strain and Leigh Anderson discuss purpose in life from a Spiritual Naturalist perspective…

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An Appropriate Perfectionism?

Making New Year’s Resolutions this year?  Dennis Oliver provides some advice on keeping our aspirations in perspective…

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Clarisse’s Legacy

Life lessons from the character Clarisse McClellan of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451…

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Sense of the Sacred

Continuing thoughts on the sacred and why is it important to Spiritual Naturalism…

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The Spirit Tree

What relevance does the sacred have to a modern Naturalist?  This article contemplates a possible answer…

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What is Happiness? – SN Today #27

What do we mean when we say ‘happiness’ is the aim of our practice?…

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Spiritual Lifehacking

It’s useful for spiritual naturalists to focus on the optimization of the body…

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