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Film Recommendations

The following films have a spiritual naturalist message or contain spiritual naturalist themes. If you have other suggestions, please let us know!


American Beauty
This film features themes of finding beauty where it is often overlooked, the sacred in the everyday, and appreciation for life.
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This film has a decidedly spiritual tone and presents a kinds of reverence and connection with Nature. Yet, throughout the film naturalistic explanations for the spirituality are suggested.
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A film that is ultimately more about our connection to one another than about aliens. It addresses new scientifically meaningful forms of the ‘religious experience’ and personal belief.
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The Fountain
This abstract, nonlinear film can be difficult to grasp and even frustrating for those who do not favor it’s style. Yet, it’s themes relate to how we confront (or make peace with) Nature and how we deal with impermanence, loss, and mortality.
Information at Internet Movie Database (IMDB)


Groundhog Day
The main character, stuck in a monotonous cycle discovers what’s important in life and what real love is.
Information at Internet Movie Database (IMDB)
Review of the film’s themes by A.O. Scott for the New York Times