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The Tornadoes of Transformation

Leap into a tornado?  Perhaps a metaphorical one…

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Mortality’s Mirror

Can we face up to death, our own and that of others..?

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Can You Be Perfect? Football as an Allegory for Religion and Life

Jeff Worthy offers us an interesting view on the game of football…

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Clarisse’s Legacy

Life lessons from the character Clarisse McClellan of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451…

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The World We Should Want to Live In

…the texts themselves must be preserved for what they best are: invaluable mythological and allegorical stories…

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Reclaiming The Edge

Everyone needs a place to which their body and spirit can flee…

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What Do You Believe?

Contemplating the great questions of life…

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Focus on the Phoenix: Establishing a Discipline of the Spirit

Helping your spiritual life rise from its own ashes like a Phoenix…

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Saving Solitude

The spirituality of solitude…

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Picard's Precepts: Star Trek and Spiritual Naturalism

British actor Patrick Stewart brought to life a character that embodied everything I valued and aspired to be…

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