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Below are some of our key articles from the past, by category. Additional materials can also be found on our Resources page. Please note that our public articles and resources are only one part of what the Society does. In addition to these, we are collecting a growing archive of educational and inspirational Spiritual Naturalist materials from a variety of traditions. These are available to members of the Society, in addition to other benefits. CLICK HERE to learn more about membership in the Society!

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Bodhicitta: The Mind of Awakening

Bodhicitta: The Mind of Awakening

Daniel writes about the awakening and more compassionate living...
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Compassion as Foundation

Compassion as Foundation

Compassion is under assault in our media, entertainment, and politics. Learn what compassion means to us and why it is
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Compassion hacking: rooting out the attribution bug

Compassion hacking: rooting out the attribution bug

There is a bug in our thought process that often blocks compassion. Here's how to deal with it...
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Do you believe in Love?

Do you believe in Love?

Some ancient thoughts on divinity can be surprisingly naturalistic when we look to the concepts behind the terms...
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How Hard is Empathy?

How Hard is Empathy?

Jennifer Hancock explains how, even if we may be imperfect in our efforts, cultivating empathy is worth it...
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Love Naturally

Love Naturally

"Love they neighbor as thyself" is one of the finer sentiments contained in the Bible. But it’s not commonly practiced.
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Mortality's Mirror

Mortality’s Mirror

Can we face up to death, our own and that of others..?
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Paying Attention

Paying Attention

Our guest author explores what's gained by paying attention and what is lost through distraction...
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What is more important: Honesty or Compassion?

What is more important: Honesty or Compassion?

A discussion of morality and values - asking the question, which is more important? Honesty or Compassion? Both are important
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What you think and how you feel: it matters

What you think and how you feel: it matters

The best mask in the world will not bring true happiness...
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400 Million Years of Ferns

400 Million Years of Ferns

A contemplation of the green leafiness of ferns...
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A New (old) Skepticism

A New (old) Skepticism

Skeptics are known in many ways, but how do Spiritual Naturalists do skepticism? DT Strain covers some of the important
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On the Glory of Being a Body

On the Glory of Being a Body

The author contrasts the position of mind-body dualism with animalism, the view that mind and body are one...
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The Biology of Suffering

The Biology of Suffering

A brief exploration of the biology of suffering...
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The New Copernican Shift: How Science Is Revolutionizing Spirituality

The New Copernican Shift: How Science Is Revolutionizing Spirituality

We are experiencing a new Copernican shift that is revolutionizing our spirituality. Our spirituality will have to change to embrace
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A New (old) Skepticism*
The new Copernican shift: How science is revolutionizing spirituality*
How do you understand nature?
Is it possible to think too much?
New Theists: Knowers, not believers
Religious Freedom from the Inside Out
Ancient philosophy meets Darwin: Can science offer a way of life?
Tao and the laws of nature*
The Blues and Abstract Truth
Understanding Reason & Evidence in Spiritual Naturalism*
Consciousness, Brain, and Spirit
A Biologist Looks at Religion, the Humanities, and Our Compulsive Sociability

6 Reasons you will see more Spiritual Naturalism in the future*
Top 10 signs of good spirituality*
What do all Spiritual Naturalists have in common?
Real religion?*
Wisdom hides in plain sight
Managers of human nature: A job description for Spiritual Naturalists
What is Naturalistic Paganism?
Is Spiritual Naturalism an Oxymoron?
Three Transcendents (4 parts)*
What “Death is a Part of Life” Means
Daily Fruit
Spirituality and the Meaning Crisis
Encounters with Identified Flying Objects
The Role of Philosophy in Spirituality
Roots of Spiritual Naturalism
Why I Am Not An Atheist
Caring About Indifference
The Purpose Problem*
Social Intimacy: Religion in the Digital Age
My Journey Toward Spiritual Naturalism
Am I a Complex-Information Processing Machine?
Atheism and the “S” Word
Syntheism: A Naturalistic Spirituality in Europe
Using Philosophy to Deal with Anxiety
The Centrality of Emotion: What Ancient Philosophy Offers Modern Naturalists (2 parts)
Agnosticism or Naturalism?
Towards a Humanist Enlightenment
Naturalism and the Abiding Self*
Contemplating Impermanence*
Reality, Language, and the Inner World
The Quest for “Truth”
The fertile ground between theism and atheism
Wow! Existence has always existed
Book Review: Restoring the Soul of the World
The Meaning of Life?
AWESM: Ancient Wisdom for Everyone from Seneca & Marcus*
Buddhism & Naturalism

Meditation 101*
Mindful Discourse*
Distractions to Spiritual Practice (4 parts)*
Working ritual with the Center (2 parts)*
What is spiritual transformation (2 parts)*
Working toward liberation
Spiritual Naturalist drumming*
What am I Doing? (book excerpt: Zen & the Art of Consciousness | video: Living without Free Will)
Something special may happen
Bicycle Meditation*
The Integrated Practice
Are You Really Meditating?*
Naturalist Practice: The Big Picture*
Our Spirituality: Presentation at Rothko Chapel
An Atheist Plea for Preserving Thanksgiving*
Meditation Framing and Procession: A Spiritual Naturalist Ritual
Tao and Governance
Gnothi Seauton: On Being Human*
Dispensing Wisdom*
Letting Go of the Side of the Pool*
Book Review: Waking Up, by Sam Harris*
Reverence for (Some) Life
How to be A Time Traveler
Nature Appreciation 101
Train Your Brain to be More Compassionate*
The Tao of Christmas
The Home of the Soul: Spiritual Naturalism and the Power of Place
Sanderson Jones on Mystic Humanism
Borrowing Lent for Pagans: Creating Space
The Atheist Who Spoke to God
At the End of Knowing*
Imagination Permeates Waking, As Well As Dreaming
Plants as Aliens
Directionless, I feel like I’ve found my way
To walk through a Fire Divine
Looking for “Nature Moments”
Marijuana is my secular sacrament
Joy in the journey
On Spirituality & Politics

Embracing a natural life*
How to stay mindful
The power of gratitude
The other resource
A Spiritual Naturalist take on tragedy*
Happiness upon reflection
Giving and the holidays: making a change
Marriage and spirituality
Living life intentionally
Beauty in the equation*
Natural Grief: A Humanist Perspective
Last Hum of the Cicada: Death for Naturalists
Dealing with Negative Nellies and Neds
Life Challenges As A Mirror
It’s Not Fair
Testing a Naturalist’s Faith
Living In A World Without Cosmic Justice
Harvesting Happiness
Dealing with Difficult People
How Stoics Treat Jerks
Being Moral Despite it All
Courage to Take a Different Path
Dealing with a Crisis
Supernatural Free Problem Solving
4 Ways Compassion Helps Us Deal with Jerks
The Ultimate Existential Crisis
Getting Rid of Old Baggage – Some of it anyway*
Pope Francis Speaks Out on Poverty and the Environment
Things aren’t always what they seem

May the 4th be with you!
Symphony of Science
Big History: The heart of Spiritual Naturalism*
Poet/Musician ‘Apollo Poetry’ preaches non-dogmatic spirituality
Saving the marriage of science and myth
Why God is important
Myth: No Belief Required
The Teleology of Beauty*
Choosing Metaphors: Theistic Language in Non-theistic Spiritual Practice
Genesis for Non-Theists
A Modern Mythology: The Need and the Vehicle

What are we all about?
SNS Announces new partnership with Charter for Compassion
The many ways you can make a difference
Inspiring words from our visitors and members
Secular Buddhist Podcast: Interview with SNS Executive Director
Looking forward to 2013
State of the Society: October 2012
State of the Society: September 2012
May 2012 Interview: What we can expect from SNS*
Meet the SNS Advisory Board*
Welcome Message*
Celebrating our first anniversary!*
SNS Year 1 Anthology Book Now Available*
Launching our Annual Funds/Membership Drive! 2014
The Spiritual Community
SNS Opens signups for its first online course


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