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The Soul of the Matter

A brief contemplation on the unfathomable depths of matter…

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Humboldt’s Vision of Nature

Brock Haussamen re-introduces Alexander von Humboldt, one of the most famous scientist of his age…

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Reading as a Spiritual Practice – SN Today #34

Many enjoy reading and find it informative, but what about reading as an experiential spiritual practice?…

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Mindfulness and Environment

A ticket for the journey of a lifetime?…

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Book Review: The Christian Middle Way, by R. M. Ellis

…a lighter touch, a more tentative holding of any received understanding, can allow a depth and breadth which is so much more rewarding…

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The Tornadoes of Transformation

Leap into a tornado?  Perhaps a metaphorical one…

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Paying Attention

Our guest author explores what’s gained by paying attention and what is lost through distraction…

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Book Review: Buddhist Life Buddhist Path

A highly rational big-picture of Buddhism (and how we often get it wrong) from an American monk…

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Dealing with Anxiety and Fear – SN Today #33

Explore with us the practices and ideas that many traditions have employed to help practitioners enjoy less worry and fear…

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