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Hindus Seek Detachment. Have Plants and Animals Already Found It?

Finding models for living in our backyard…

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Bodhidharma and Shen-kuang

Prejudice can cutoff compassion, even with a great Buddhist…

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The All-Inclusive (What Naturalism Means to Me)

The author explores implications of the idea that only natural principles and forces operate in the world…

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How to Pray as a Naturalist

Guest author Rob Wheeler discusses Naturalistic prayer…

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Thinking Through My Altruism

Should we give til it hurts or give til it feels good? Oliver discusses altruism as a way we help our self as we help others…

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Literature’s Wrath: How Classics Can Move Us To Action

Remembering the people who would love to have your bad days…

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Nature’s Creativity

A contemplation upon and within Nature’s creativity…

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Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Walking the walk is harder than talking the talk…

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Developing Spiritual Naturalism

So just what is Spiritual Naturalism? Author Eric Steinhart provides a perspective…

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